Smart Cities The Economic and Social Value of Building Intelligent Urban Spaces

A 2016 publication with a high vendor and top-down level approach.

Interesting to see how most smart cities have evolved their approaches:

from top - down to bottom - up
from centralised to decentralised
from municipality to community

from supplier to user and citizen centric
from solution orientated to problem orientated
from tech push to demand pull
from PPP to triple double helix (quintuple helix)
from 'capex' to 'opex'

from old fashioned consultancy roadmap to learning by doing
from 'talking the talk' to 'walking the walk'
from planning to design
from assessment to information
from physical to digital
from linear to circulair
from ownership to availability

from fossils to clean, creating sustainable options for ALL
from single use to restorative and regenerative use od resources
from closed to open using tech for social value
from crowded and polluting to smart and sustainable mobility solutions

last but not least: from 'EGO-systems' to 'ECO-systems'
(credit for this last one to Emil Boc, former Prime Minister of Romania and is the current Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, the largest city of Transylvania)