📣 Solar Energy needs Smart Inverters 📣

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Commissioned by the FAN foundation, I set up a study into the connectivity of residential PV inverters in The Netherlands, which was conducted with our research partner Delta-EE.

Many residential PV inverts offer some sort of Smart Energy insight, and many newer inverters offer remote control. Yet there are some great challenges that hinder optimal use of solar energy.

• Awareness on the existence of smart functionalities of inverters, and on possible benefits, is low.
• Even today, not all new installs are smart inverters. These inverters will remain operational for 10 – 15 years, or longer.
• The use of smart functionalities of inverters by the energy sector is still in its infancy.

These are some of important findings from our research, that are also relevant for other countries.

According to the FAN foundation, this is a missed opportunity. With the expected growth of residential PV systems in the future, and the upcoming replacement market for older systems, FAN calls on installers and suppliers to supply as many smart inverters as possible.

You can read more about this research and download the full report, in English or in Dutch.

You can also download 2 other researches I carried out in the FAN Flexmonitor series: Smart EV chargers and Smart Heatpumps.


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Jeffrey Bartels

Het is belangrijk om omvormers slim aan te kunnen sturen om te grote onbalans in het net te voorkomen.

Het leuke is dat je daar als zonneproducent extra geld mee kan verdienen. Stuur mij een PB voor een leuk voorbeeld.

Wij juichen de oproep van Flexiblepower Alliance Network - FAN aan installateurs, EPC's en omvormerleveranciers toe om curtailment makkelijker te maken!