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Sign up and be part of a movement for a responsible digital society, sign up at https://tada.city/ !

Last year, through an initiative of the Amsterdam Economic Board, 60 experts from businesses, government and civil society came together in three consecutive workshops to talk about what a responsible digital city could look like. Out of their blood, sweat and toil came a beautiful manifesto: Tada! Data disclosed.

Tada is the first step to understanding the values we hold dear when it comes to designing a digital society that is from everyone and more importantly, for everyone. In which our privacy is respected and our autonomy valued and the data we collect in the city belongs to the commons.

If you want to be part of a movement who can show it can be done, sign up at https://tada.city/

And we'd love to hear from and talk about projects that putting these principles in to practice. If that's you, email us at info@tada.city