The Great Bubble Barrier catches 80% of test material in the IJssel

In 2016, The Great Bubble Barrier won a competition organized by Rijkswaterstaat and Puur Water Natuurlijk: ‘The Plastic Free Rivers Makathon’ to stop the plastic problem. In collaboration with the Self Supporting River System (SSRS) team of Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares and BAM/van den Herik, the effectiveness of the bubble screen was first extensively tested in the Deltares lab. The results were positive, after which in November 2017 a Bubble Barrier of almost 200 meters could be placed near Kampen in the IJssel for a test period of three weeks.

The now published results show that The Great Bubble Barrier traps plastic under all observed conditions. The effect of wind and current was also measured in order to be able to adapt the settings of the bubble screen to the circumstances at any time. In every weather condition 80% of the test material was captured. This is significantly more than without the Bubble Barrier.

The Great Bubble Barrier also caught a denture, half a pair of glasses and an umbrella!

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