There are some choices to make - a perspective on future mobility in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has to cope with a growing city and be prepared for new technologies and transport concepts. We would like traffic and transport to become more sustainable and more personal. Therefore, we have to make some important choices about mobility. How can mobility be smart mobility that makes the city futureproof and livable for everybody?

Amsterdam Smart City and the Chief Technology Office of the City of Amsterdam wrote a position paper to invite our partners to discuss our ambitions and the consequences for the city. We strive for this discussion to result in some guiding principles for the future of mobility in Amsterdam.

Position paper in Dutch and English.

Position Paper The Future of Mobility in Amsterdam.pdf (4.91 MB) Position Paper Toekomst van Mobiliteit in Amsterdam.pdf (4.6 MB)

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Lotte Duursma

@markschrder the English version is now available as well!