We successfully matched smart city researchers and professionals at our smart city academy event

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On the 16th of January 40 smart city professionals met our smart city researchers at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Our researchers presented their fields of knowledge, projects and tools. After which the Smart city professionals took the stage and pitched their smart city issues in order to win one of our research vouchers (equals one fulltime week of research). Each organization was matched with one of our researchers in order to start a research or student project.

The ambition of the smart city academy is to make our knowledge and tools more visible and applicable to smart city professionals. That’s why we for example presented our projects on upscaling, business models, entrepreneurship and learning, user design, stakeholder engagement and data. We showed a couple of our tools, like ‘the multi stakeholder multi criteria analysis’ (MAMCA), which can be uses to discuss and weight the interests of stakeholders in smart city initiatives. And our multi stakeholder business canvas, that is still in development, which helps finding a viable business model that suits the needs for all involved stakeholder your smart city project.

The researchers and organizations that brought up their smart city issue will continue with drawing up a research question which will be evaluated by the smart city academy professors; at the end of January. We will grant four research vouchers to the most promising combinations.

Big thanks to Mark Deakin for giving a key note on his research on sustainable smart city developments and offering a theoretical framework. And to those brave enough to climb up the soap box and present their smart city issue. We showed once again that a smart city is indeed a learning city!

Are you curious about our researchers and their ambitions? Starting a project together of doing a masterclass on one of the subjects mentioned above? Contact the academy at smartcityacademy@hva.nl and find us on the website.