Amsterdam Rainproof

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Amsterdam Rainproof is a platform that activates and stimulates different stakeholders to create a more resilient city for dealing with extreme rainfall.


What is the goal of the project?

It is raining harder and more intensely, and our city is simply not equipped to handle all that water. As we've filled the city with buildings and pavements, the rainwater has nowhere to go. This results in flooding and extensive damage to houses, shops and offices.

Our public sewer system has to process more and more water. But to just keep on increasing its capacity isn't the solution. We have to look further than underground drainage systems and start designing smarter outdoor urban spaces where we can retain and store the rainwater where it falls.

The platform Amsterdam Rainproof collects and connects solutions, products and initiatives. Rainproof is a movement of citizens, public servants and entrepreneurs. We put the issue on the agenda of politicians and residents. Together we create a more resilient city for dealing with extreme rainfall.

What is the result of the project?

The network of Amsterdam Rainproof wants to activate, connect, and stimulate citizens, city builders, officials, entrepreneurs and housing corporations to make the city more rainproof. The strategy is to build and create an influental, broad, sustainable Rainproof platform of people and organisations.

To achieve functionality and effectiveness, Amsterdam Rainproof works with groups that can make a difference; it connects to closely related initiatives and current projects to achieve a quick and embedded result; focus on frontrunners and ambassadors; and facilitate the program instead of implement it by themselves.

Together we are Amsterdam Rainproof. Every drop counts.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Waternet took the initiative to start the platform Amsterdam Rainproof.