Circular Innovation Program - City of Amsterdam (Dutch)

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The Circular Innovation Program accelerates insights in the transition towards a circular economy.

Check the Circular Innovation Program (link)

What is the goal of the project?

The Circular Innovation Program 2016-2018 provides insight into the most important innovation projects and developments in the city in the field of Circular Economy and the way the City of Amsterdam anticipates.

What is the result of the project?

The City of Amsterdam expects that the projects from this innovation program will result into accelerated insights in the transition towards a circular economy. Besides circular knowledge development, circular procurement and learning by doing innovation pilots & projects, the municipality also starts charting the restrictive laws and regulations that are possibly obstructing circular innovation projects in the city. Together with the national government these insights will be used to create the right conditions for the transition.

In 2018, the projects will be evaluated and the municipality determines what the strategy will be for the medium term.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

This project is initiated by the City of Amsterdam, and has been developed together with a variety of, companies, research institutes and organizations in the city.


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Mikael Edelstam

Hi again

Where can I find the English version?



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Jim Bowes

Dear Sladjana,
Are the projects already chosen or is there a way to apply to become more involved with the project?

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Sladjana Mijatovic

Hi @mikaeledelstam it will be available from the 19th of December

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Mikael Edelstam

Hi team!
This looks interesting. Is the program available in English?
Best regards