Playful data-driven Active Urban Living (PAUL)

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In this project we want to understand in more detail how physical activity of city dwellers can be increased by using personalized app technology.

Project subsidised by:

  • Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA RAAK-mkb
  • NWO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
  • FAPESP (Sao Paolo research Foundation)

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What is the goal of the project?

In large cities, the health and life expectancy of individuals are worse than in rural environments, partly due to a lower physical activity of citizens. In this project we want to understand in more detail how physical activity of city dwellers can be increased by using personalized app technology.

Until now the existing health and exercise apps in app stores lack a scientific base. Different apps use different ways to stimulate people to be physically active (e.g. feedback about physical activity, motivational messages, games). Some researchers argue that what type of app works, is highly individual. This means that the right type of app may depend on e.g. your current physical activity level, health, personality and residential context. However, how to make the optimal match between app and user is still unclear.

What is the result of the project?

This project aims to develop an exercise app with different forms of feedback. We will also develop a method to find the optimal match between app and user. We will use the app to collect data about the physical activity and location of the users. Since these data is collected every 5 seconds, this will give us very large data sets (big data). We will use ‘data mining’ techniques (automated search programmes on a computer) to find out which app works best for different types of users. We will then give each person his or her optimal app, and measure if the physical activity further increases. Based on the data, we can determine what the effect is of different types of exercise apps, and what app is most suitable for a particular person.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Project initiators: dr. Marije Baart de la Faille-Deutekom (AUAS), prof. dr. Ben Kröse (AUAS), dr. Monique Simons (Utrecht University), prof. dr. Victor Zuniga Dourado (UNIFESP, Sao Paolo)

Team members: Joey van der Bie, Monique Schaule-Jullens, Nicky Nibbeling, Marije Baart de la Faille-Deutekom (all AUAS), Monique Simons (Utrecht University) Prof. Dr. Victor Zuniga Dourado (UNIFESP, Sao Paolo).

Project partners:
UvA - University of Amsterdam
UNIFESP- Federal University of Sao Paulo
HvA - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
UU - Utrecht University
UFSCar - Federal University of São Carlos
Municipality of Amsterdam
Amsterdam Smart City

What can other cities learn from your project?

This project is a collaboration between research institutes in both the Netherlands and Brasil and the research will be performed in the Amsterdam region as well as in the Sao Paolo region.