Smart Students

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This project is a part of Living Lab Nieuw-west. The Living Labs put innovative technology to practice in a test environment.



What is the goal of the project?

Twenty students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will perform research into smart solutions in Nieuw-West. They will then present their findings to residents in the area and monitor the residents’ reactions. The students participate through their undergaduate minor Urban Innovation and Sustainable Area Developement.

The students will split up into subgroups that take on the themes mobility, social & sharing, sustainability, children & playing, safety & the elderly and sports, exercise & health. The students will investigate the issues and come up with smart solutions, in collaboration with residents. The project’s main focus lies on the opinions the residents vocalise, about both the issues and the smart solutions.

What is the result of the project?

The project has started. The students are currently investigating six smart solutions for the issues they have discovered in the neighbourhood. The students will interview residents in order to hear their opinions on the proposed smart solutions. The best solution will be investigated and developed further, in a collaborative effort of students and residents, and presented in a final report.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Partner: Hogeschool van Amsterdam