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In collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, we are working on a new opportunity for social mobility. It is a program that supports start-ups (as well as other companies with a start-up service) who have a service in the field of Social Mobility. Social Mobility is about mobility services that can create social impact, either by servicing the less mobile users, the ones with less financial means, addressing loneliness, lack of education…etc. For example, think of people that need the soup kitchen or the salvation army but can’t afford getting there, or people that cannot go to job interviews because they can't afford the transport to get there and are therefore stuck in a vicious circle of poverty.

We are looking for social (mobility) entrepreneurs, testers and investors:

1. Social entrepreneurs: If you are or know of start-ups that have such social mobility services that would be interested in developing them, testing them with users, finding investment and scaling, please let us know! P.S: We are not only looking for start-ups, we are also welcoming established companies that have a 'start-up level' service.

2. Testers: they can be the end-users themselves or in-between organisations, such as the Salvation Army for example, which would have access to a large group of end-users. Do you have contacts of know someone that would be an early adopter of such innovative social mobility services, please put us in touch.

3. Investors: we are also looking for investors that would be interested in investing in social entrepreneurs to help create social impact. Do you have contacts or know a party that could be interested, please put us in touch.

Here you can see an earlier version of this program:

Rotterdam Mobility Lab - De terugblik van de eerste editie

Rotterdam Mobility Lab - De Verkeersonderneming

What is the goal of the project?

Creating mobility solutions & services to enable vulnerable people to be mobile and have accessibility (limited finances, low education, physical or mental disabilities...)

What is the result of the project?

Higher mobility and accessibility, therefore higher opportunities and more social inclusion and participation for vulnerable groups

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

De Verkeersonderneming is the initiator. Other organisations involved would be the start ups or companies with services to offer and the investors interested.

What is the next step?

Launching a program that would support start ups to develop mobility solutions and services for the vulnerable groups.

What can other cities learn from your project?

How to enable vulnerable segments in society through mobility services