Advice please: e-Tricycle for Oma?

Oma lives in de grachtengordel and is still happily riding her bicycle at 80. She’s noticing though, that the streets keep getting fuller with erratic tourists and it’s making think maybe it’s time to get a tricycle for her safety. Any advice and /or recommendations?


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Marcel Schreuder

Hi Janneke,
Jair is right when the tricycle has 2 wheels in the rear. Van Raam has a model with 2 wheels in the front that might be worthwhile to try out. But bridges remain tricky. We are actually thinking about setting up a project around this exact challenge/issue. You can send me a note if you want to be involved/informed. Sent also a linkedin invite.

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Janneke Ritchie

Thanks Jair. Very helpful. Especially good to remind us about the steep canal bridges. Leidsegracht especially!

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Jair Smits

Be careful about that in city centre! Tricycles are stable for going straight but to make corners they are not, especially on downhill (steep canal bridges) curves. You require your body to lean inwards while the steer turns outwards to prevent the bike from tilting... It's very dangerous.

I am afraid she'd need to rethink the timing of cycling, finding less busy routes, consider walking or otherwise move to less busy neighborhoods, and complaint to municipality about reduced liveability due to tourists...