Dissertation ideas to look into about sustainable festival management in cities

Hey! I am a student from Finland looking to write my dissertation about the way city based festivals can thrive sustainably in a 'post-Covid-19' world and tackle sustainability issues with the support and co-creation of initiatives of the 'smart city' as well as city council.

Essentially I am aiming to argue how 'smart city' initiatives such as seen in Amsterdam and Helsinki could help festival management engage better with tackling sustainability issues cheaply, by for example offering event spaces, expertise, waste management which can be expensive processes...

Any advice is much appreciated, thank you !!


Walle Kiikeri's picture
Walle Kiikeri

Dear Nancy and Giorgos, thank you so much for your suggested directions, they both resulted in excellent help with collection of ideas of the recovery and redevelopment processes post-Covid-19 in city based events.

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Walle, for some inspiration you might want to check out the Amsterdam organization DGTL, truly a leader in sustainable festivals and an inspiring living lab for the city of Amsterdam: https://dgtl.nl/sustainability