How can we help the people who lives In the slums if no budget is allocated by the government?

hi there everyone,
I am Maasoome, Master of Urban Planning, from Iran.
I work in an office in a rural area that has just joined the city (located in east north of Iran). Our job is to help the people who are living in this area to improve the social and economic situation of their lives. Unfortunately, we have faced the problem of a lack of funds to improve the economic situation of this area by the government.
Can you give me a solution or a new idea to change this situation?
The population of this range is equal to: 15560
Thanks for your attention

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Patrick Trentelman

Forus is a startup founded after winning a hackathon for this problem: how can we allocate funds to people who need it? The problem at hand was that there were funds, but people did not know their existence and the process of application and execution was time consuming for all parties (applicants, sponsor and supplier of goods/services). I would like to get in touch to find out if and how we can help you with Condition Based Value Exchange.