Information and cooperation

In 2012 we (my ex-lecturer and I) had worked on a project which published in the book; EVOLO Skyscrapers 2 ,as one of the selected projects (please see the attached files). The project was about the potential of social networks to improve different aspects of life in a tower to reach a self organized system by means of gamification.

I am working on the idea to use it on larger scales. A practical social network which can be run by the governments and city councils to increase cooperation between citizens and governors and decision makers of urban design. It can help us to improve the qualities of our cities (like mobility and roads, pollution, security, and of course architectural aspects of public spaces) and to reach a self organized and sustainable system. I am working on some ideas of the ways of processing data which results easy-to-understand information for the decision makers and an interesting social network for citizens which encourage them to improve their neighbourhoods, through the use of gamification.

I was wondering if you could help me to find references.


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Ali Danesh

Dear Elien
Thank you for your consideration. I am not sure yet, because I could not find out how I can change the website language! unfortunately I can not speak Dutch. About the link, no, not yet, I am reading and looking for references, I am writing my idea as an article and if I can find people to work with I will work on a more practical project. If you are interested in the idea, I will be glad to explain more.


Dear Ali, thank you for your request, sounds interesting. Do you mean something like: Could you specify your question? And do you have a link to your research?