Master thesis about the use of ICTs for Smart Mobility

I am doing my master thesis about the use of ICTs (sensors and the data we get from) to make the mobility in Brussels smarter. And the case study I took is the bicycles. Can somebody give me some informations about the use of bikes' data in Amsterdam ?

Best regards,
Sarah Yemmas


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Nancy Zikken

Hi Sarah, you got a lot of information about bike data! Was this useful information? Could you give us an update about your thesis? Thanks!

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Nancy Zikken

@adamstones does BYCS have these data?

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Sarah Yemmas

Thank you very much everybody for your efficiency and your quickness.

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Rajarshi Sahai

Hello Sarah, I can give you perspectives from shared bike operations (IoT smart locks and mobile device GPS data, usage data etc.) at large and cases from cities like Vancouver BC. Should this be of interest, do feel free to contact me.

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Joost Van Os

Hello, Thank you for your question.'I think I can halp you. At this moment I am looking for the right person to help you.