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Hello Everyone,
I'm a Master's student at the University of Connecticut and I am doing research on the connection between available parking and mode share. Does anyone know where I can find data for the number of off-street parking spaces in the city center before 2013?
Thank you!


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Are these tips and ideas something you can work with @eesposito9gmailcom ?


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Jacco Brouwer

There is some public data on parking available on, stuff like the parking spaces and real time occupancy of parking garages. 2013 is a long way back though. So I don't think you'll find exactly what you need

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Nancy Zikken

@jaccobrouwer Does Datalab have these data available?


Hi Elizabeth,
Here in the Netherlands it is very difficult to find real data of off street parking. Exept the number of places and development of that numbers there is no data available of the time visitors stay of where they come from. If there is some information available of Europe and the Benelux in particular I am very much interested. Regards Marc