Partners for pilots in our Mobility services

TripService is a joint venture between BeSite and 2Ways.

Through this collaboration we have been able to develop many new services. We would like to use these services to run pilots at events, roadworks or large companies with many buildings.
With these pilots we want to improve our services and enter into multiple partnerships.


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Ferdinand Aicher

City solution interoperability in remote places by standard.

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Wouter Giesen

Thanks for your comments. I have contacted everybody that wrote a comment.

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Arjun Nandanuri

Hi Wouter
Currently we are in discussion with few mobility companies to provide our weather data.
Please contact me at so that i can share more details with you.
Thank you


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Pablo Pinkus

Hello Wouter,
maybe we can collaborate on a specific pilot I am preparing. I am looking for a partnership in working on traffic data solutions for pleasure craft on dutch canals. See . Cheers, Pablo


Hi Wouter,

Please share your ideas or exact request with me.
May be we can support you.
Check our services on smart mobility platforms and customers we serve at
Marc Breugem