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Wouter Giesen, Adviseur at TripService, posted

What TripService can do in the event of national disasters

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TripService (partner of the Johan Cruijff ArenA) helps governments with the right communication in times of disaster to motorists. This information must be high-quality and consistently presented.

TripService helps the government in Italy to inform motorists about quarantine areas. This way we prevent motorists from traveling to a location within a quarantine area

In the Netherlands, TripService helps the government with the problem that too many people come together at the same time in a certain place.

Do you have any questions feel free to contact us.
0543 49 00 88

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Wouter Giesen, Adviseur at TripService, posted

AchterhoekBezorgd.nl for duped catering companies in the Achterhoek

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The corona virus affects all of us and the government took far-reaching measures last Sunday, March 15. One of these measures is the ban on visits to catering establishments, which of course has a lot of impact for this sector. No visitors, means no income and so the future has become very uncertain for many catering companies. The Cabinet has also decided that take away and delivery of meals is still permitted. Many catering companies are cleverly responding to this and we want to give them a helping hand with AchterhoekBezorgd.nl

On https://www.achterhoekbezorgd.nl/ we have created a free platform where all catering companies that (will) deliver can register themselves. So do you deliver in the Achterhoek? Sign In!

AchterhoekBezorgd.nl is an idea of ​​the Team of BeSite BV from Aalten. For questions you can contact us at jurgen@besite.nl or call Jurgen on 06 10 33 95 49. See www.besite.nl for more information about our company.

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Wouter Giesen, Adviseur at TripService, posted

Partners for pilots in our Mobility services

TripService is a joint venture between BeSite and 2Ways.

Through this collaboration we have been able to develop many new services. We would like to use these services to run pilots at events, roadworks or large companies with many buildings.
With these pilots we want to improve our services and enter into multiple partnerships.

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