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To keep Amsterdam liveable the municipality collaborates with its citizens. On average Amsterdam’s population grows with 10.000 people a year. This small big city has a density of 5065 people per square km, over 180 different nationalities. 19% of the total Dutch GDP is earned in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Between 2015 and 2016, the amount of tourists in Amsterdam increased by 7%. To keep Amsterdam’s 162 canals, monumental centre and residential areas liveable, innovative initiatives are required. Share your innovative concepts and ideas here!

Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Online Just Sustainability Transitions Course

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Do you believe, like us, that sustainability and social justice are key to fundamental change? ‘Just Sustainability Transitions’ is a six-month online course that provides the tools and inspiration you need to create your own transition strategy. This year, we're organising a third edition!

The Just Sustainability Transitions peer-learning course draws from our latest action research insights on justice, sustainability transitions and social innovation. This is the third year we are organising this course, which brings you best practices and personal experiences we gathered during our work on transition processes in different settings and countries – in Europe and across the globe.
How can we facilitate and accelerate societal transformation? And how can we really bring in diverse allies to drive systemic change? This course helps you find answers to such questions by combining state-of-the-art research with deep critical reflection and applied action learning. We provide a diversity of perspectives that help you discover what works for you.

Special attention is given to tools and methods with which you can organise a process of transition in your area, organization or sector.
Your guides on this journey will be young and more seasoned DRIFT experts, all active in transitions research, (government) consultancy and education. They specialise in diverse domains such as climate policy, energy, agro-food, inclusiveness & participation, sustainable urbanism and the circular economy.

Illustration by Maria Fraaije

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop from May 23rd to Oct 10th
Manon den Dunnen, Strategisch specialist digitaal , posted

Running Large Language Models locally 3/3

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In a series of 3 workshops we want to help you in setting up Ollama and running your local LLM’s. Being able to run a Large Language Model locally has a lot of advantages, next to not paying for a pro plan or API costs, it also means not sharing your chat data.

Thanks to recent developments ('quantization') we now have models like Mistral 8x7B that run on your laptop! There are also many products that support you in running, creating and sharing LLM’s locally with a command line, like the open source app Ollama.

Workshop 1/3 (April 17th); getting started
Workshop 2/3 (May 15th); making the most of Ollama on a variety of devices
Workshop 3/3 (June 19th); finetuning your LLM

Manon den Dunnen's picture Meet-up on Jun 19th
Rachid Kherrazi, CTO , posted

Harmonious Cultural Cooperation In Amsterdam: Dutch & Chinese Young Talents United in the ENJOY AI NL Competition!

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Harmonious Cultural Cooperation In Amsterdam: Dutch & Chinese Young Talents United in the ENJOY AI NL Competition!

Dear parents, enthusiastic young people, Dear school board and teachers,
We are excited to let you know about an exciting opportunity for your school and students! The ENJOY AI NL competition is coming to the Netherlands and we cordially invite your school to participate in this prestigious event.
Organized by the WailSalutem Foundation in collaboration with the Federation of Global Youth Artificial Intelligence, the ENJOY AI competition provides a platform for young innovators to showcase their creativity and develop their skills in robotics and AI.
What can you expect from the ENJOY AI NL competition:
– An exciting mix of robotics and AI challenges designed to explore the boundaries of STEAM.
– A unique opportunity for students aged 9-14 to demonstrate their talent and ingenuity.
– A stimulating experience in which Dutch students compete with 50 talented young minds from China in a cultural exchange and collaboration.
– A free introductory course for teachers and students on working with robots and programming them, in preparation for the competition.
– A lasting reward for your school, as each participating school will receive a robot set worth 325 euros after the competition, thanks to our valued partners WhalesBot and PMOT.
Event details: Date: July 14 Location: Sports Center VU – Uilenstede 100, 1183 AM Amstelveen
Participation in the ENJOY AI NL competition is free, and we strongly encourage your school to participate and give your students the opportunity to explore and develop their passion for technology.
For more information and to register your school, please contact us at
We look forward to welcoming you and your students to the ENJOY AI NL competition and creating an unforgettable experience together!
Yours sincerely,
WailSalutem Foundation

Masterclass / workshop on Jul 14th
Sem Rudolph, Fieldlab voor de bouwsector en industrie at BouwLab, posted

C the Future

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Wij de 3D Makers Zone, Bouwlab R&Do, MAAK Haarlem en Gemeente Haarlem zijn de initiatiefnemers van het C-district in Haarlem en nodigen je uit om samen met ons te bouwen aan een innovatieve, digitale en circulaire regio. Het C-district is volop in ontwikkeling. Om deze ontwikkeling vorm te geven, richten we ons op een concreet evenement waarin we al in 2024 samen kunnen werken: C The Future.

En dat doen we graag samen met jou. C The Future is hét tweedaagse evenement waar technologie, digitalisering, circulariteit, leren en innovatie samenkomen.

Hier kunnen bedrijven, onderwijsinstellingen en bewoners uit de regio kennismaken met de nieuwste toepassingen en producten. Je kunt in contact komen met de nieuwste technologieën en deelnemen aan het Skills-ontwikkelingsprogramma van de Smart Makers Academie, waar nieuwe makers, techneuten en pioniers worden opgeleid. Ontdek welke ontwikkelingen, mogelijkheden en innovaties relevant zijn voor de directe omgeving, de stad en de regio. Samen dragen we bij aan de ontwikkeling van kennis en werkgelegenheid, en een duurzame economie door bedrijven te betrekken bij de regionale uitdagingen en hun eigen bestaansrecht.

We richten dit evenement in op basis van de vijf landelijke transitieagenda’s voor een circulaire economie:

  • Bouw
  • Biomassa en voedsel
  • Maakindustrie
  • Kunststoffen
  • Consumptiegoederen

Innovatie, vaardigheden en digitalisering vormen de rode draad.
Vrijdag 4 oktober is gericht op de bedrijven (klein, midden- en grootbedrijf), overheden en kennisinstellingen.

Zaterdag 5 oktober is bedoeld voor inwoners uit de regio die de rol van leerling, werknemer en consument vervullen.

Schrijf je nu in via onze website en neem deel!

Conference from Oct 4th to Oct 5th