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Highlight from Amber Kahmann, Communications at City of Amsterdam: Digitalization & Innovation, posted

Open Call: Create impact with the European CommuniCity project!

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Does your organisation work with vulnerable target groups in Amsterdam, or are you a tech company with great ideas for digital solutions for this group? Create tech applications together for the challenges of vulnerable communities during the European CommuniCity project.

From 28 February to 31 March, you can submit your proposal for one of the challenges to CommuniCity for a chance to win a €12,500 grant to test your idea in practice.

How does it work?

  • Companies or organisations submit their proposal via the CommuniCity website;
  • The submissions are assessed against the set criteria and thus the winners are selected;
  • The winning entries receive a grant of 12,500 euros to develop and test their solution together with the target group in Amsterdam.

For more information about the project, the challenges for Amsterdam and application conditions check the website below!

Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Event - Circularity 23

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Transforming our systems, structures, and strategies is crucial for a just, resilient world within planetary boundaries. It's time to unlearn linear systems and move from extractive to regenerative.

To dive into this discussion, CEO, Eva Gladek, and Commercial & Partnerships Lead - Agrifood & Biodiversity, Andrew McCue at Metabolic, will speak at Circularity 23 on June 5th - 7th, 2023, themed around accelerating the circular economy. This premier event, organized by GreenBiz Group, brings together professionals driving the circular economy.

Eva will share insights on innovative financing for the circular economy, while Andrew will discuss the importance of circular food supply chains.

More about the event in the link!

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Camille Janssen, Sustainability Consultant , posted

Open Webinar: Preventing Waste & Closing Material Loops

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Join us on March 22 for an insightful webinar on Preventing Waste & Closing Material Loops.

The webinar will be opened by an expert from the United Nations Environment Programme. This introduction is followed by a presentation of Merel Schaap, Impact Analyst at Seenons, who will share how a technology platform can enable the circular economy. We will conclude the session with presentations on challenges by different municipalities, nonprofits and companies that are looking for solutions. These challenges are part of CircleHub's competition which runs until June 20. Winning solutions will be awarded or will receive investment to carry out a Proof of Concept.

The session is part of CircleHub's webinar series happening this March and April. The series consists of four sessions, which are opened by an expert from the United Nations Environment Programme who will give a Keynote on the subject, followed by presentations of best practices around the globe. The session will be closed with information on the competition and presentation by the organizations behind the challenges on our platform.

Camille Janssen's picture Online event on Mar 22nd
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Vacancy: Marketing and Communications Manager

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Are you passionate about sustainability and making a positive impact on the world? Do you believe in the power of communication to drive systemic change? Then Metabolic's MarComms & Design Team is looking for someone like you to support our work in Dutch and English!

Join our dynamic and multicultural team to work on innovative communication strategies that break down the complexities of sustainability and inspire action. As a brand advocate, you'll network to form media and communications partnerships that accelerate our impact and guide your teammates to create large-scale campaigns with high relevance and reach.

Excited about this opportunity? Submit your application OR circulate it widely to your networks.

#greenjobs #vacancy #sustainability

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Ioannis Ioannidis, Entrepreneurship Program Associate at AMS Institute, posted

AMS Startup Booster 2023 - Call for applications is open until April 2nd

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Call for applications is open until April 2nd. The program will last from April 2023 until early July 2023.

The AMS Startup Booster is a business idea development and validation program hosted by AMS Institute, aiming to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their gut feeling into a business. The entrepreneurs are expected to pursue an impact-driven startup in the field of urban tech.

Lasting 3 months, the AMS Startup Booster 2023 will start on April 14th and run until early July 2023. The program will be hybrid, mainly physical at the AMS Institute (Marineterrein, Amsterdam). The program is most effective when all teams are fully committed so during the aforementioned time period there is a minimum requirement of 8 hours per week for each startup.

How: Building blocks of the AMS Startup Booster program
The program consists of key components that help prepare for a successful start-up:

  • An entrepreneurship curriculum with more than 20 workshops & masterclasses
  • Mentoring by Industry experts & successful entrepreneurs
  • Access to cutting-edge research by AMS Institute experts
  • Connections & Insights into how public organizations work through our partnership with Gemeente of Amsterdam
  • Lifelong access to online entrepreneurship & pitching courses
  • Office space & Makerspace
  • 1K Credit for Miro
  • Cost & equity free

Workshops & Masterclasses by renowned professionals
Through a series of workshops and masterclasses offered by renowned professionals & business experts, we take your startup idea from a concept to a validated business model. During these workshops, the following topics will be addressed:

  • Research Fundamentals & Problem Definition
  • Market Segmentation & Customer Personas
  • Customer Discovery
  • Value Proposition & Business Model Design
  • MVP Design & Prototyping
  • Experiment Design
  • Pitching

In addition, our complimentary masterclasses will cover topics such as Team Fit & Alignment, Marketing & Branding, IP Rights, Finance & Funding, and many more. Peer-to-peer sessions and 1-on-1 coaching will complete the free services we offer to the selected startups. In total, the startups will get a 360 entrepreneurship curriculum consisting of more than 30 workshops & masterclasses.

Demo Day: Pitch & win fantastic prizes
We close off the program with a Demo Day during which the teams showcase their business ideas and prototypes to a broad audience of experts, investors, and entrepreneurs and compete for a list of amazing prizes! Prizes include:

  • A prize of €5000 euros cash for product development
  • An in-kind prize of €10.000 for a feasibility experiment in the testing area of Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab
  • Access to follow-up programs & funding opportunities from AMS Institute & founding partners (WUR & TU Delft)
  • Additional customer discovery sessions & continuous coaching & mentoring
  • Office Space & Makerspace
  • Promo material & access to a large network of public and private AMS Partners

In addition, connections with other programs and potential investors will be made.

For whom?
We are looking for ambitious students, researchers and young professionals who have an awesome business idea that could impact city life and solve metropolitan challenges. Please note we are looking for teams not a single founder.

Apply for the AMS Startup Booster via this form. Applications should be submitted no later than April 2nd.

Ioannis Ioannidis's picture Masterclass / workshop from Mar 1st to Apr 2nd
Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

Fashion Ecosystem Networking Drinks

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Seize this opportunity to connect to entrepreneurs, investors and other organisations accelerating positive change in regards to fashion.

While enjoying drinks, you can make new connections, explore potential partnerships, exchange knowledge on your business and sustainability goals and meet the Impact Hub team.

Earlier in the day, we will host an invite-only Fashion Ecosystem Day. During our Fashion Ecosystem Day, we will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, policymakers and other organizations to accelerate positive change in the fashion industry. You will get a chance to meet them, too!

After extensive research, the Circular Innovation Collective has identified the most urgent innovation gaps to create a circular textile chain. So we scouted (inter)national startups and SMEs with high-value, innovative circular solutions in the areas of Refuse, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Repair.

The selected companies participated in various workshops and masterclasses on systemic change, strategic partnerships and material usage in the circular economy and received coaching and mentorship from sector experts, experienced entrepreneurs and finance professionals.

Circular Innovation Collective (CIC), a collaboration of Metabolic, Impact Hub Amsterdam and Bankers without Boundaries, aims to play a leading role in the Dutch innovation ecosystem by accelerating the transition to a circular economy. The collective will implement its unique approach for the first time in the textile sector to support the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s goal of achieving 70% circular textiles by 2030. CIC is funded by the City of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Impact), DOEN Foundation and Goldschmeding Foundation.

Henrike Slob's picture Meet-up on Jun 21st
Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

Circular Fashion | Networking Drinks | by CIC

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Are you working towards a more circular textile sector? Join us from 16:00 - 18:00 o'clock for networking drinks to meet and connect to a wide range of textile supply chain stakeholders.

Circular Innovation Collective (CIC), a collaboration between Metabolic, Impact Hub Amsterdam and Bankers without Boundaries, aims to play a leading role in the Dutch innovation ecosystem by accelerating the transition to a circular economy. The collective will implement its unique approach for the first time in the textile sector to support the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s goal of achieving 70% circular textiles by 2030. CIC is funded by the City of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Impact), DOEN Foundation and Goldschmeding Foundation.

Earlier in the day, we will host an invite-only workshop on making the textile sector circular for the startups and SMEs in our Circular Textile Innovation accelerator – part of our Circular Innovation Collective – and potential collaboration partners. From manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to product development managers, knowledge experts and policymakers, don’t miss this unique opportunity to build valuable new relationships for your circular ambitions!

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Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

PlantFWD at Theater Amsterdam

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Join us at Amsterdam’s first Plant Forward conference. We are excited to share that we will be part of the first Plant FWD conference to match food chain innovators with investors! 10 innovations will be selected to pitch on the Impact Hub Stage. Would you like to pitch your innovation? Sign up by March 10. More info through the link below.

Henrike Slob's picture Conference on Apr 18th
Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Just Sustainability Transitions Course

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Do you believe, like us, that sustainability and social justice are key to fundamental change? ‘Just Sustainability Transitions’ is a six-month online course that provides the tools and inspiration you need to create your own transition strategy.

The Just Sustainability Transitions is a peer-learning course from DRIFT, The Dutch Research Institute for Transitions. It draws from our latest action research insights on justice, sustainability transitions and social innovation.

How can we facilitate and accelerate societal transformation? And how can we really bring in diverse allies to drive systemic change? This course helps you find answers to such questions by combining state-of-the-art research with deep critical reflection and applied action learning. We provide a diversity of perspectives that help you discover what works for you.

Special attention is given to tools and methods with which you can organise a process of transition in your area, organization or sector.
Your guides on this journey will be young and more seasoned DRIFT experts, all active in transitions research, (government) consultancy and education. They specialise in diverse domains such as climate policy, energy, agro-food, inclusiveness & participation, sustainable urbanism and the circular economy.

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop from May 4th to Oct 12th
Cornelia Dinca, International Liaison at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

InnoBuyer: Looking for public and private organisations with challenges to solve

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InnoBuyer is an EU-funded project that brings together public and private organisations (Challengers) and innovative companies (Solvers) to jointly co-create innovative solutions, and speed-up the process leading to a concrete innovation procurement.

The Call for Challenges is open to public and private buyers, with specific challenges to solve, lacking the expertise and resources to address them, but willing to co-create innovative solutions with SMEs.

Applications can be submitted by the 31st of March 2023 at 17:00 CET.

For more information about the call and to apply visit:

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Catalina Iorga, Content Lead at Amsterdam Impact (City of Amsterdam) , posted

Amsterdam entrepreneurs and SMEs invited to join Impact Deals and become more sustainable

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Are you an Amsterdam-based entrepreneur, or do you work for an SME? And do you want to make your company more sustainable? Then draw up a proposal for an Impact Deal before 24 February and receive support from the City of Amsterdam.

What is an Impact Deal?

The City of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Impact) is looking for 10 Amsterdam companies that want to take concrete steps in 2023 towards becoming more sustainable or increasing their social impact.

In an Impact Deal, the entrepreneur and the municipality agree to increase that company's impact by, for example, reducing CO2 emissions by 30 per cent or hiring five job seekers at a distance from the labour market.

The deal must be as concrete as possible, and the entrepreneur should define goals, activities and outcomes. The municipality provides support by offering access to its network and consultations on topics such as financing and access to European funds.

Who is behind the Impact Deals project?

Amsterdam Impact and MKB Amsterdam are the initiators of Impact Deals. The project is part of Local Green Deals, created by the European Commission's Intelligent Cities Challenge.

Want to learn more and submit your Impact Deal proposal?

Visit the Impact Deals page (in Dutch) on the website of the City of Amsterdam.

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Koos Johannes, Researcher at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

New research on Smart Building Maintenance 

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Interested in hearing more about Smart Building Maintenance? Feel welcome to join the public defense of the PhD thesis “Crafting Intrapreneurial Stewardship – An institutional perspective on client-led innovation in smart building maintenance“ by Koos Johannes, PhD student in the department of Construction Management. The defense will take place on the 16th of January at 10:30 AM at the Waaier building at the campus of the University of Twente.

About the the PhD thesis
Available research suggests that construction clients, as building owner-occupier, are struggling to implement smart maintenance. This thesis assumes that these reported problems are due to a failure to fully understand the institutional complexities of smart maintenance commissioning in organizational networks. Hence, the aim of this thesis was to improve our understanding of these complexities and to develop theoretical and practical knowledge on the professionalization of construction clients in commissioning smart maintenance through stewardship. Stewardship theory portrays managers and employees as collectivists, pro-organizational and trustworthy, and can be used for designing collaborations based on intrinsic motivation and trust.

The defense will take place on the 16th of January at 10.30 AM at the Waaier building at the campus of the University of Twente.
A summary of the thesis can be read here.

If you want to receive a copy of the thesis, please send a message to: k.johannes@hva.nl
The presentation and defense will be in English; a Dutch summary is available.
Address: Hallenweg 25, 7522 NH, Enschede (see map for parking on the Campus; with public transport the Campus can be reached from train stations Hengelo or Enschede).

Leon Benic, Project assistent at Campus Amsterdam, HvA , posted

Meetup De Koepel: het kennis-en innovatiecentrum voor startups en MKB

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Van gevangenis naar bruisende hotspot!

De Koepel in Haarlem is omgetoverd tot een centrum voor cultuur, onderwijs en het bedrijfsleven. De Haarlem campus is een instituut die verschillende opleidingen aanbiedt. Het biedt studenten innovatieve onderwijs- en leerconcepten in een hybride werkomgeving. Ben je benieuwd naar hoe deze oude gevangenis zich heeft ontwikkeld naar een professionele en leerzame omgeving? Kom samen met Campus Amsterdam op 8 november een kijkje nemen en leren hoe de Koepel optimaal gebruik heeft gemaakt van de kansen die aanwezig waren.

Vraagstukken die aan bod komen:

  • Hoe faciliteer je samenwerking tussen onderwijs, onderzoek en MKB
  • Hoe krijgen we als kennishub/campus inzicht in fase waar bedrijf zit, op welk kennisniveau of leerbehoefte.
  • Hoe kunnen kennisinstellingen hier beter op deze behoeften inspelen?


15.30 Inloop koffie/thee/fris
16.00 Opening Campus Amsterdam
16.05 Opening Mike Rijkers – Cupola XS
16.10 Rondleiding - langs bij ondernemers en ROM InWest
16.45 Haarlem Campus - Stijn van der Krogt (hoe betrek je ondernemers bij het onderwijs) 
17.30 Netwerkborrel 
18.30 Einde

Via deze link kun je inschrijven voor het event: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=HrsHCfwhb0eIQwLQnOtZp9LgeCuVB_1HkXmz7uVS8yVUMlZTNzQyNzAwVTBQU1lRWEY4Nzc1TloyRS4u

Leon Benic's picture Meet-up on Nov 8th
Caroline Beelen, Community Manager GO!-NH at GO!-NH, posted

Innovatiefestival Noord-Holland

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Op 27 oktober organiseert de provincie Noord-Holland het Innovatiefestival Noord-Holland! 

Het belooft een inspirerende dag te worden met onder andere: 

  • een keynote van Werner Schouten (directeur Impact Economy Foundation). 
  • een panelgesprek met Ilse Zaal, gedeputeerde van de provincie Noord-Holland voor Economie, inclusief onderwijs en arbeidsmarkt, Landbouw en visserij, Dierenwelzijn, Bestuur, Europa, Recreatie en Toerisme, Sponsoring.
  • ondertekening Waterstof Convenant met Jeroen Olthof, gedeputeerde van de provincie Noord-Holland voor Mobiliteit en Bereikbaarheid, Leefbaarheid, Gezondheid en Milieu, en Luchtvaart en Schiphol.
  • de presentatie van 25 duurzame ondernemers van GO!-NH met Rosan Kocken, gedeputeerde van de provincie Noord-Holland voor Financiën, Circulaire economie, Zeehavens, Sport, Cultuur en erfgoed.
  • De bekendmaking van de Noord-Hollandse Circulaire Innovatie Top 20
  • Tijdens de plenaire sessie staan de urgente, complexe en ingrijpende transitieopgaven centraal en hoe ondernemers met hun duurzame innovaties het verschil (willen) maken. We gaan in gesprek met:
    • Eva Gouwens (CEO, Fairphone)
    • Melle Schellekens (Creative Captain, The Good Roll)
    • Carrie Howe (CEO, 3DTI).

Wil jij je ook onderdompelen in alles wat met innovatie te maken heeft? Meld je dan nu aan voor het Innovatiefestival via Innovatiefestivalnh.nl/

Caroline Beelen's picture Meet-up on Oct 27th
Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Amsterdam ontvangt 40 burgemeesters van wereldsteden voor innovatie-top

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Amsterdam verwelkomt op 9 oktober meer dan 40 burgemeesters van middelgrote en grote steden uit de hele wereld. Op de 3-daagse mondiale stedentop Bloomberg CityLab, gaan zij samen met experts aan de slag met oplossingen voor grote- stadsproblemen.

Het gaat over stedelijke problemen en slimme innovaties. Op het gebied van bijvoorbeeld klimaatverandering, digitalisering, toerisme, een duurzame economie, de opvang van vluchtelingen, pandemieherstel en het fietsverkeer. En meer. Burgemeesters van grote steden als Mexico City, Athene, San Francisco, Washington en Bogota doen mee. De top brengt burgemeesters en directeuren in contact met prominente stadvernieuwers, experts, ondernemers, kunstenaars en activisten.

Wat heeft Amsterdam te bieden?
Naast paneldiscussies, interviews, interactieve sessies en culturele optredens (van onder meer Wende Snijders) gaan de deelnemers ook op excursie naar unieke bestemmingen in Amsterdam. Zij gaan met eigen ogen zien wat Amsterdam zoal te bieden heeft aan oplossingen voor grote stedelijke vraagstukken.

Hét innovatieterrein
Allereerst gaan zij naar het Marineterrein, hét innovatieterrein van de stad. Hier worden ideeën bedacht en vinden experimenten plaats die toepassing vinden in de publieke ruimte.

Zelfvarende boot
Denk aan een zelfvarende boot. Amsterdam krijgt ’s werelds eerste vloot van zelfvarende boten. Zij kunnen helpen om de druk op kades en bruggen te verminderen door goederen, afval en personen te vervoeren. Nu wordt de eerste grote zelfvarende boot getest.

Niet een groen maar een blauwgroen dak
Er loopt een wetenschappelijke proef met een blauwgroen dak. Dit dak slaat hemelwater op en gebruikt dat opnieuw voor begroeiing op het dak. Het geeft veel meer verkoeling dan een gewoon groen dak en helpt goed tegen het warmer worden van de stad. Dat laatste komt door de klimaatverandering.

Op het Marineterrein is een zogeheten BuurtHub waar Amsterdammers op elk moment een elektrisch voertuig kunnen huren. Zoals elektrische fietsen, bakfietsen, scooters, auto’s en brommers. Amsterdam heeft 17 van deze BuurtHubs.

Drones en camera’s met meer oog voor privacy
Verder zijn we in Amsterdam aan de slag met nieuwe oplossingen zoals camera’s die de drukte meten en tegelijk de privacy van bewoners beter beschermen, testvluchten met drones en het circulair maken van de stad. Drones kunnen bijvoorbeeld medicijnen vervoeren, of een brand signaleren.

Andere plekken bezoeken
Ook gaan de deelnemers naar andere inspirerende plekken in de stad. Zoals De Waag Fab Lab, de Johan Cruijff Arena en het Rijksmuseum. Verder zijn er een boottocht, fietstochten en een avondtour vanwege de Nachtvisie van Amsterdam.

CityLab 2022 onderzoekt de nieuwe rol van steden als actoren op het wereldtoneel. Het doel is de nieuwe werkelijkheid van steden te ontdekken, te vieren en te verspreiden. En de reactie vorm te geven op grote, actuele problemen.

Eerdere CityLab-conferenties zijn georganiseerd in New York, Los Angeles, Londen, Miami, Parijs, Detroit en Washington. D.C. Bloomberg CityLab is een jaarlijkse mondiale stedentop van Bloomberg Filantropies samen met het Aspen Institute.

Meer weten over wat Amsterdam doet aan innovatie in de stad? Ga naar amsterdam.nl/innovatie.

Foto: Sjoerd Ponstein

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Rachid Kherrazi, CTO , posted

Robotica en programmeren voor kinderen

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Gastworkshop Stadsplein: leer programmeren met een Arduino │10 - 18 jr.

Met een Arduino bouw en programmeer je een afstand-apparaat, dat piept als je te dicht bij iemand staat. [EN] With an Arduino you build and program a remote device that beeps when you are too close to someone.
Deze herfstvakantie geeft Wail Kherrazi (14) de workshop Bouw en programmeer een corona 1,5 meter afstand-melder, in de Maakplaats van de Bibliotheek Amstelland. Je leest hier meer over Wail en zijn afstand-melder.
Wil jij leren programmeren met een Arduino? Wil jij een afstand-melder maken, onder leiding van Wail? Grijp dan je kans en neem deel aan zijn workshop op 19 oktober!
Deze workshop is echt iets voor jou als:

  • je houdt van techniek
  • je graag creatief bezig bent
  • de workshop geschikt is voor jouw leeftijd
  • je het leuk vindt om samen te werken (tip: neem je vriendjes en vriendinnetjes mee, dan is samenwerken nog leuker!)

Let op: wil je meedoen? Leuk! Vergeet je dan vooral niet aan te melden, want vol=vol!

registration can be done via: https://amstelland.op-shop.nl/466/maakplaats-stadsplein-bouw-en-programmeer-een-corona-15-meter-afstand-melder-vanaf-10-jr

Meet-up on Oct 19th
Puck Hoogenboom, Communication at Waag, posted

Future Talks: Verander het voedselsysteem

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Hoe kunnen we een toekomstige samenleving duurzaam en inclusief maken en welke rol spelen kunstenaars en ontwerpers hierin? Over deze vraag spreken we vooraanstaande makers in de programmareeks Waag Future Talks.

De vijfde editie van Waag Future Talks staat in het teken van de voedseltransitie. Tabo Goudswaard gaat in gesprek met diverse makers die zich bezighouden met de toekomst van ons voedselsysteem. Aan tafel duiden we hoe de spelers in dit systeem zich tot elkaar verhouden en zoeken we een antwoord op de vraag waar we kunnen ingrijpen.

Lecture / presentation on Sep 22nd
Nancy Zikken, Trade developer Smart City / Sustainable Built Environment at Amsterdam Trade, posted

Ga mee naar de Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona!

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Is jouw bedrijf actief op het gebied van slimme en duurzame stedelijke ontwikkeling en wil je je activiteiten uitbreiden naar andere landen binnen de Europese Unie? Ga van 13 t/m 16 november 2022 mee naar de Smart City World Expo Congress (SCWEC) in Barcelona.

De jaarlijkse Smart City Expo in Barcelona is dé plek waar corporates, startups, steden en kennissinstellingen die werken aan van klimaatneutrale en slimme steden, elkaar ontmoeten. Dit jaar vindt tegelijkertijd weer het Tomorrow.Mobility congres over plaats. Deze twee zakenbeurzen zijn belangrijke plekken om te netwerken en zaken te doen met internationale steden, bedrijven en investeerders.
Nederlandse partijen, waaronder Amsterdam Smart City, organiseren dit jaar diverse activiteiten.
Ben je geïnteresseerd of van plan om te gaan? Dan zijn er twee goede opties:

1. Er is een handelsmissie van RVO en de 5 grote steden, speciaal voor startups en scale-ups met maatschappelijke uitdagingen in steden, die willen groeien in Europa. We bezoeken de beurs, er komt een businessforum met matchmaking, plus meer informele (inter)nationale bijeenkomsten, er is vooraf een climate impacttraining (om de impact van je innovatieve oplossing op duurzaamheid en klimaatneutraliteit kwantitatief te meten) en we maken de combi met het 100 Climate Neutral Cities programma van de EU. Voor meer informatie en aanmelden: https://english.rvo.nl/news/events/smart-city-expo-world-congress-scwec-2022
2. Past deze missie niet bij jou of bij de fase waarin je bedrijf zich bevindt, maar wil je wel naar de Smart City Expo? Dan is er genoeg te doen! Diverse Nederlandse partijen werken op dit moment aan een (inter)nationaal programma voor Nederlandse bedrijven. Ook hier moet je denken aan een bezoek aan diverse stands, tours door de stad Barcelona en deelname aan het businessforum met workshops voorafgaand aan de Expo. Aan dit programma wordt de komende tijd nog gewerkt. Zodra er nieuws bekend is, deel ik dat.
Ben je hierin geïnteresseerd of heb je vragen? Neem dan contact op met Nancy Zikken, trade developer smart & sustainable cities bij Amsterdam Trade & innovate, via n.zikken@amsterdam.nl. Ik vertel je graag meer en houd je op de hoogte!

Nancy Zikken's picture #CircularCity
Nancy Zikken, Trade developer Smart City / Sustainable Built Environment at Amsterdam Trade, posted

Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2022

Featured image

Is your company operating in the field of smart and sustainable urban development and are you interested in the elaboration of your activities within the European Union? Join us from 13 to 16 November on our Climate neutral & Smart City mission during the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona.

The yearly event of SCEWC in Barcelona is the place where companies, entrepreneurs, startups, cities, and research institutions in the field of climate neutrality and smart cities meet. This year, another congress about urban mobility takes place simultaneously. These 2 business fairs are important places to network and do business with cities, companies, and investors. Before this mission takes place, there is the opportunity to follow an impact assessment training. The purpose of this training is to measure the impact of your innovative solution to sustainability and climate neutrality in a quantitative manner. This complements the European frameworks and methodologies for cities to report their contribution to climate neutrality.

Participation is possible for Dutch companies (startups, scale-up, small and medium enterprises (SMEs)) with export ambitions that aim to offer solutions for societal challenges in cities. The purpose of this mission is to support Dutch startups, scale-ups, and innovative SMEs with their growth in Europe.

For more information and registration: https://english.rvo.nl/news/events/smart-city-expo-world-congress-scwec-2022

Nancy Zikken's picture Conference from Nov 13th to Nov 16th
Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Transitiemaker Training

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Arm yourself with the skills and knowledge to shape sustainability and justice transitions. A four-day training program in Dutch for young professionals that want to be transition makers.

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop from Sep 30th to Oct 28th