A CUT ABOVE: Theme Launch at Fashion for Good

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With a little creativity, we can reimagine how our clothes are designed, made and worn.

Join us for an exclusive first look at our new theme! For “A CUT ABOVE”, we’ve curated a selection of pioneering brands breaking boundaries and taking fashion to the next level with their originality, creativity and a whole lot of imagination.
This unique online event will run PechaKucha style, with a selection of the brands featured in the theme sharing their insights into how they are reimagining their own design processes.

You’ll discover how materials are sustainably sourced, learn about precise designs, assembly techniques that minimise waste and modular outfits that create never-ending styles. We'll also dive into the ground-breaking new technologies that are moving fashion into the digital domain.

This collection of modular garments uses hidden zippers to construct and deconstruct garments, creating new combinations that transcend occasion and season. This prolongs the product lifecycle, reducing environmental impact. Made in Italy, the collection uses only recycled and natural materials, with a transparent and traceable process.

Unspun pairs body scan technology and software to collect thousands of metrics on your fit to make the perfect fitting pair of jeans. They don’t have inventory, produce responsibly and use low impact fabrics. They aim to create a future of closed loop, zero-waste supply chains for jeans. Their body scan is only available in Europe here at the Good Shop.

Co-founded by Lily Cole, Wires is on a mission to reduce plastic and material waste in eyewear. Handmade in Italy using traditional wire craft, the frames are made of stainless-steel wire and the lens rims are 3D printed, reducing the amount of waste produced compared to conventional eyewear manufacturing.

Devoted to the seas. The surf friendly, zero-waste swimwear collection by Emroce is made using a pattern making method which eliminates waste in the cutting process. The collection uses high quality Italian fabrics made with ECONYL® nylon fibre that is regenerated from recovered fishing nets and other nylon waste.

senscommon is a minimalist apparel label enhancing everyday living through the use of natural, innovative textiles, designing future standards in collaboration with sustainable, forward-thinking partners. Believing that designers have a responsibility for anything new they bring into this world, senscommon engineers smart clothes, each designed to address a specific need and purpose.

The world’s leading digital fashion house shows what is possible with clothing that is digital, never physical. Using 3D design and animation at the intersection of technology, fashion and sustainability, The Fabricant shows that digital fashion can open up a new fashion world which greatly reduces the environmental impacts of the current system, promoting a sustainable fashion future.