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A streaming service that stops in the middle of the film to explain the privacy conditions extensively. A toaster that only toasts half of your bread if you consume too much electricity in your home. A platform that collects and combines social media updates to determine when you are not at home, and therefore vulnerable to a burglary.

How can you, as a designer, build and express friction into your product, so that the user is helped to critically reflect on technology and possibly even link actions to it? Such design principles are expressed in adversarial and reflective design.

During this meetup, in collaboration with Hackers & Designers and SURF, we explore the potential of adversarial and reflective design as a means to create awareness about ethical dilemmas surrounding digital technology and privacy. You do not need a background in design or technology to participate in the workshop.

Tickets cost 5 euro (including a drink)

This event is in Dutch, unless there are many English speakers in the audience.

20:00 Introduction Gijs Boerwinkel (DECODE & Waag)
20:05 Arnout Terpstra, PhD researcher at Tilburg University and product manager at SURF, examines the potential of adversarial design for privacy.
20:20 Anja Groten, Hackers & Designers, discusses the notion of friction as a method to critically reflect on collective design processes.
20:35 Mini-design challenge: think of an intervention that provides friction, reflection and more control for the user (focus: privacy and personal data online)
21:30 Presentations and reflection on the concepts
22:00 Closing

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