Amsterdam Biolabs presents Plastics + Worms = <3

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Amsterdam Biolabs organises Plastics + Worms = ♥, an evening tackling one of humanity’s biggest challenges: plastic pollution and Nature’s struggle to feed it back into the cycle.
Plastic is everywhere. From the dawn of 20th century considered to be a blessing, it has now become one of the biggest threats to animals, humans and the whole biosphere. Because plastics are everywhere: our streets, our oceans and inside of our bodies.

But nature always finds a way. Can plastic, once a synthetic human creation, become part of nature, and are there solutions to the plastic threat? Life appears to have adapted to the plastic in the environment and now feeds upon it, and if this is nature's course, shouldn't we be supportive by facilitating plastic-degrading species, or even creating new life forms that can exploit plastics? A new ecosystem is forming where humanity and nature intersect. The Plastisphere.

** Programme **
Let's explore the plastics, humanity and the Plastisphere. We will investigate how these new organisms are feeding on our problems. Amsterdam Biolabs will host a live demonstration of thousands of larvae feeding on styrofoam. Get up close to biology in action!

Pei-Ying Lin, artist and designer, will talk about the “MASS - bloom explorations” project, for which she collaborated with choreographer Tina Tarpgaard and others. In a plastic dome a dancer was moving in between 100,000 meal worms, eating exclusively white styrofoam objects.

More speakers To Be Announced.

The event is free – please make sure to reserve your ticket via eventbrite.

** Amsterdam Biolabs **
Amsterdam Biolabs is a space for curiosity-driven research and invention around the life sciences, bringing together changemakers and society. Amsterdam Biolabs is located in A Lab, where it hosts monthly events. It is co-founded by Federico Muffatto and Roland van Dierendonck.