Analytics translation: Don't waste the data

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To stay ahead in the Data & AI landscape, companies should be able to make informed decisions to leverage the power of artificial intelligence. How can you start the journey to become data driven in order to remain or grow into an industry leader?

The organizations that surprise, delight and serve their customers best often do it with data-driven insights. In this fast virtual seminar you'll join other executives to get a strong overview on how data can transform your business, and how to get started.


Your challenges

A fast amount of (open source) data is available, you want to use this to generate insights to delight the service that you provide to your customers, but how to get started in your organization?

Your take-aways

You will have a better understanding what elements are important to start the data driven journey, which are the important roles and will have concrete examples of analytical use cases that you can pick up for your industry.

What to expect:

You can expect a program full of interaction and networking opportunity. You will learn which elements are important to start the data driven journey, and familiarize yourself with the different ways AI can support you transform your data into insights and more.

Part of a journey:

This event is part of a journey to become a data driven organization. As a follow-up Cumulus Park together with Go Data Driven will organize trainings for the Product Owners, and Professionals in your organization to play the role of Analytics Translators. A crucial role to take ideate and implement data driven decision making.