Annual Open Innovation 2.0 Conference soon to be in Amsterdam

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The 2-day OI2 Conference is co-organised by the European Commission DG CONNECT's Open Innovation Group (OISPG) together with Intel Labs Europe, Committee of the Regions,CGI, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, City of Amsterdam, and kindly supported by Dublin City Council.

Agenda skeleton

Every year the conference gathers together more than 350 participants from all quadruple helix directions: Industry, Academia, Public Sector, and the Civic Society. The conference is designed to be interactive, a place to exchange ideas, to connect and to innovate. Preceding the conference, an Action Camp will be organised which intends to be a presser cooker from idea to project.

Amsterdam Action Camp (20th - 22nd May)

This Camp for Societal Innovation brings people from different countries, backgrounds and diverse expertise areas together to work in dedicated teams for 3 days, to address real world challenges.

At the Camp, participants work with content experts, direct stakeholders and a growing global community of open innovation practitioners to discover new ways to address real world challenges brought by the European Commission’s DG Connect, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Committee of the Regions. The Camp is intended as the initial step of a rapid realization process, which aims at taking ideas from post-it to prototype to project within 9 months.

The evening of the 22nd of May

A get-together cocktail hosted by City of Amsterdam for all participants.

Day 1 (23rd May)

The morning part of the Agenda fits three plenary sessions about topics as Open Innovation 2.0 in the Digital Single Market, Design Patterns and Entrepreneurship. In the afternoon five parallel sessions of an average of 50 participants per session, who will elaborate about OI2-related themes. Several waypoint visits to some exciting hands-on sites are envisaged, such as FabCity, Science Park, Amsterdam City Experience Lab and Knowledge Mile.

Innovation Luminary Awards Gala Dinner

Acting as a thematic bridge between Day 1 and Day 2 of the conference, The Innovation Luminary Awards Ceremony recognises prominent world leading innovators and OI2 practitioners.

Day 2 (24th May)

The day will begin with thought leading keynotes followed by two plenary sessions: Open Innovation for Digital Single Market and Digital Economy and Open Borders. The afternoon will again break into parallel activities, about, among other themes, eLearning and Innovation measurement. The closing plenary will draw together the findings of all plenary and parallel sessions, and paves the way to concrete future actions.

Some speakers

A great number of speakers will contribute to the conference. Amongst them will be Prof Henry Chesbrough, President Markku Markkula, Dr Martin Curley, Dr Shigeaki Honjo, Dr Richard Straub, Dr Angelika Kohlmann, Mr Alain Heureux, Dr Tuija Hirvikoski, Prof Sabine Brunswicker, Prof Ikujiro Nonaka, Prof Wim Vanhaverbeke.

The Open Innovation 2.0 Conference is free of charge. Registration via this form only. The conference take place at the KIT (Royal Tropical Institute), an international knowledge hub that conducts research, analyses and publishes knowledge from around the globe.