Blockchain Course for Developers

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Hallo Amsterdamers!

We are thrilled to announce that Blockacademy is coming to the Netherlands!

We will be conducting our Blockchain for Developers course where the world’s best professionals will teach how to build blockchains from scratch and develop projects upon them.

The courses we offer are catered for both junior and senior developers, as well as entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the multi-billion dollar market.

Our pilot course took place in Kyiv on December 1-2, 2018 and was an instant success. Due to high demand, we are expanding our courses around the world, and what better place than Amsterdam to do so!

All Blockacademy teachers are leading experts in the field with years of experience working for international businesses, corporations, and governments. Some have taken part in the active development of the first-ever governmental blockchain solution for Finland. Your learning experience is truly in the best possible hands!


Nikolay Hryshchenkov. Development Team Lead at Essentia One, former Cryptologic Technician of Ukraine’s National Research Institute of Information Protection, the author of numerous articles dedicated to the blockchain development and future of the technology.
With more than five years experience, Nikolay will guide you through the development of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus algorithms, setting up your own blockchain, and the process of its creation and maintenance.

Jack Tanner. Mentor at the Work on Blockchain developer Bootcamp. Former senior blockchain developer on the Indorse platform. CTO Co-founder of Work on Blockchain. Having worked in the blockchain sphere since the very beginning of his career, Jack will show you the technical aspects of the consensus algorithms, comparing the most widely adopted ones in use, from a technical point of view.

Roman Boiko. Skilled Nodejs and Python programmer. Former blockchain, dApps and smart contract developer at Essentia One. Blockchain developer at Luxoft. Started coding at the age of 17, Roman will be sharing his extensive experience about how to set up and work with decentralized storages, walking you through the pros and cons, while explaining the primary algorithms used.

Oksana Zaharchuk. Automatizations and computer-integrated technology engineer at Essentia One. Skilled Nodejs, Go, C# developer. With more than a year of teaching experience, Oksana will show you how to view a blockchain technical-wise: what is its structure, what is a node, different types, and interoperation schemes, while also explaining blockchain’s vulnerabilities and peculiarities.


- Blockchain from a technical point of view.
- Consensus algorithms (PoW, PoS, dPoS, etc).
- How to work with blockchain (blockchain nodes, API).
- Decentralized storages (IPFS, StorJ).
- Blockchain settings (Smart contracts, VM).
- Practical workshop: the development of decentralized applications.

Aside from both practical and theoretical coursework, a special time will be dedicated for networking and group discussion between students and teachers in a relaxed informal environment. During this break, you may meet the next big blockchain engineer of the future or even your next business partner! Blockacademy provides a convenient platform to communicate with the like-minded people, share thoughts and ask any questions.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive:
1) A certificate validating your competence,
2) All presentations and teaching material/resources used during the course,
3) A list of the additional literature,
4) Teachers’ contacts for you to remain in touch after the course.

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Telegram: @block_academy

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