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How can individuals regain control of their personal data? And how can we align the digital world with public values that we foster in our society? This event showcases the valuable work that has been done by DECODE in both Amsterdam and Barcelona; and other initiatives that are fighting to reclaiming the digital space for public good, with a specific focus on Public Spaces. The speakers will share practical solutions for responsible data management, applications and lessons learned.


Evgeny Morozov (writer & publicist)
Marleen Stikker (founder & director Waag)
Francesca Bria (founder & director DECODE)
Nina Boelsums (Dyne & starter of referendum on privacy law NL)
Aik van Eemeren (CTO office Municipality Amsterdam)

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Gijs Boerwinkel

Want to know more about DECODE?

DECODE develops practical alternatives through the creation, evaluation and demonstration of a distributed and open architecture for managing online identity, personal and other data, and collective governance in a citizen-friendly and privacy-aware fashion. Strong digital rights that makes it possible for data subjects to determine access rights to their information through flexible entitlements and open standard-based agreements regarding data governance (on the model of Creative Commons licenses) will be woven into the technological architecture.

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