IoT & The City

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“IoT & The City” maandag 5 september 9:00-18:00 uur
Raadzaal Stadhuis Amstel 1 Amsterdam

“IoT& Gebouwen”
“IoT & Openbare Ruimte”
“IoT& Fietsen”
“IoT& Sport”
“IoT& Ouderen”
“IoT& Zorg”
“IoT& Jeugd”
“IoT& Onderwijs”

Internet of Things (IoT) technologie voor (lokale) overheid ervaren
Samen met (inter)nationale experts (on)mogelijkheden ervaren

Doelgroep Overheid + Bedrijfsleven + Onderwijs + NGO + Burgers/Bezoekers
Ambtenaren met IT en IV functies/rollen
Ambtenaren met interesse voor nieuwste IT trends en ontwikkelingen
Experts op het gebied van Internet of Things (IoT)

Tijd & Datum & Locatie
Maandag 5 september 2016
Raadzaal Stadhuis Amsterdam

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AYA Nuray Gokalp's picture
AYA Nuray Gokalp

Hi Jason, thank you for your interest :)
the event will be mainly in Dutch
depending on final program and speakers - parts can be in English
stay tuned to find out ;)


Hi! I'm very interested in this event, but is it in only in Dutch?

AYA Nuray Gokalp's picture
AYA Nuray Gokalp

@Adriaan van Eck - check the update of the program - more use cases added from the Social domain - exact program with timeline will be announced 1 week before since we are working on the program :)


Thank you! Good update, now it is clear what is the program.

AYA Nuray Gokalp's picture
AYA Nuray Gokalp

YES! now all the info is there - so the topics are "city use cases" such as IoT & buildings - facility management - public space management - sports - bikes - and also healthcare - youth - education - you are more than welcome to join us!

AYA Nuray Gokalp's picture
AYA Nuray Gokalp

Hi Adriaan - I had posten lots of info at the description - apparently it is gone...
let me copy paste it here then ;)


So, what is this event about? What topics will be discussed?