IoT & The City

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“IoT & The City” maandag 5 september 9:00-18:00 uur
Raadzaal Stadhuis Amstel 1 Amsterdam

“IoT& Gebouwen”
“IoT & Openbare Ruimte”
“IoT& Fietsen”
“IoT& Sport”
“IoT& Ouderen”
“IoT& Zorg”
“IoT& Jeugd”
“IoT& Onderwijs”

Internet of Things (IoT) technologie voor (lokale) overheid ervaren
Samen met (inter)nationale experts (on)mogelijkheden ervaren

Doelgroep Overheid + Bedrijfsleven + Onderwijs + NGO + Burgers/Bezoekers
Ambtenaren met IT en IV functies/rollen
Ambtenaren met interesse voor nieuwste IT trends en ontwikkelingen
Experts op het gebied van Internet of Things (IoT)

Tijd & Datum & Locatie
Maandag 5 september 2016
Raadzaal Stadhuis Amsterdam

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AYA Nuray Gokalp's picture
AYA Nuray Gokalp

Hi Jason, thank you for your interest :)
the event will be mainly in Dutch
depending on final program and speakers - parts can be in English
stay tuned to find out ;)

Jason Lipshin's picture
Jason Lipshin

Hi! I'm very interested in this event, but is it in only in Dutch?

AYA Nuray Gokalp's picture
AYA Nuray Gokalp

@Adriaan van Eck - check the update of the program - more use cases added from the Social domain - exact program with timeline will be announced 1 week before since we are working on the program :)

Adriaan van Eck's picture
Adriaan van Eck

Thank you! Good update, now it is clear what is the program.

AYA Nuray Gokalp's picture
AYA Nuray Gokalp

YES! now all the info is there - so the topics are "city use cases" such as IoT & buildings - facility management - public space management - sports - bikes - and also healthcare - youth - education - you are more than welcome to join us!

AYA Nuray Gokalp's picture
AYA Nuray Gokalp

Hi Adriaan - I had posten lots of info at the description - apparently it is gone...
let me copy paste it here then ;)

Adriaan van Eck's picture
Adriaan van Eck

So, what is this event about? What topics will be discussed?


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