Designing the Circular Cities of the Future

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In celebration of Dutch Circular Economy Week (15-19 January), Metabolic is offering two Masterclasses from our suite of sustainability education programs at a discounted rate. On Wed 17th January, we invite you to take part in Designing the Circular Cities of the Future. (Note: spaces are limited)

Drawing on in-house expertise and local Amsterdam examples, this course will provide you with the skills and theories on how to design, develop and implement the circular cities of the future.
Geared towards international city officials, urban planners and utility providers, this Masterclass takes participants through the ins and outs of circular cities. While cities occupy only 3% of Earth's surface area, they house more than half of the world's population, consume about 75% of the global resources and emit 60-80% of greenhouse emissions. However, environmental challenges and urbanization opportunities are inherently connected. As cities are also the major engine for economic growth, they can lead the way towards a circular economy by transforming the built environment.

In this Masterclass, we provide a crash course on the principles and theory of urban metabolisms and circular city development. Relevant case studies such as De Ceuvel, Schoonschip and Circular Buiksloterham - projects that Metabolic has helped pioneer - will explore the design principles in practice.

What you leave with:
- Insider information of the common pitfalls, benefits, and barriers to transitioning cities to perform at high circularity, with lessons from De Ceuvel, Schoonschip and Circular Buiksloterham.
- A clear understanding of the nuances of local stakeholder management is necessary for making progress on a local circular economy.
- Reliable strategies to identify low-hanging fruit and design pilots that educate, build support, and accelerate the transition.

Metabolic is a consulting and venture building company that uses systems to tackle major sustainability challenges. Our overarching mission is to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable and circular state. We provide strategies and tools, crunch data, create new technologies, build pilots and scale up innovations. Headquartered in Amsterdam, we have an international and interdisciplinary team working with governments, businesses, and non-profits around the world. We have developed our Masterclasses to take our work to a wider audience, enabling more people to act sustainably.

This Masterclass is part of a suite of educational programs run by Metabolic, providing you with the knowledge and skills to understand and act on the most fundamental principles of sustainability. Led by our expert consultants, the half-day class combines both theory and practical elements, backed up by live case studies, and you can start applying these concepts immediately. The sesssion is held at Metabolic Lab, our playground of applied sustainability at De Ceuvel.

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