#NordicTalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020 2nd Webinar Free event

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2nd WEBINAR 23 September 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30
CONSUMERS TURNING GREEN. | Demand driven fashion change
Are consumers the drivers of the change in fashion? What fashion do they want? Are they willing to change the way they shop and what they buy? Are the new fashion influencers changing the narrative and mindset of masses? When and where is the tipping point and what does it mean?

What is sustainable fashion? Why we need it? Do consumers really want a sustainable fashion?
Community building and the “new cool”. Research, Influencers and front runners. Raise of secondhand/VINTAGE, leasing instead of buying
Building a clear case that sustainability, social impact and profit can go hand in hand
What to do with Influencers promoting fast fashion of Fashion Nova or About You? How to amplify voices of Sustainable fashion Influencers?