Blockchain Lab Meetup: Charities (Christmas edition)

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This is a co-organized event by Blockchain Workspace and A Lab. The event is recurring every third Thursday of the month. Themes vary from music to health care. Everybody is welcome to the event, whether you are new to the concept or a Blockchain expert.

18:00hrs walk in and have a christmas drink and a bite together with us.

Blockchain technology has this great promise: Coloring coins, more transparency, smart contracting, focal destinations groups. It is all possible now!! Charity will soon transform into a pure form of self sovereigned "giving", being able to follow the money at all times from start to endpoint.

Or not?

We plan to discuss initiatives like these:

19:00hrs : Blockchain application in Charity (fundraising)
Possible cases, added value and pros and cons
Charity and christmas is a good combination. Public blockchains add the promise of personal control over your donations:
Coin coloring / Transparency / Escrowing / Identification with goals
Blockchain adds proof of money, proof of existence, proof of identity, proof of ownership, proof of compliance to our global society.
But it is hard to understand. We will shine a light on that using cases and focussing on quick added value.

Krijn Soeteman
has always had a good sense of self sovereignty in work and life: journalism, open source movement, Krijn is interested in the bitcoin / blockchain field since 2014/2015? and fuels the discussion on the true value for donators to charity funds. How far is self sovereignty over gifts reaching into the charity organisations.

Davide Menegaldo (, COO of Helperbit (

Helperbit is an Italian startup that brings transparency in charity sector using Blockchain technology. The platform allows people to donate digital and local currencies to charities and to people in need all over the world, trace their donation and how it is used, offering full transparency of economic flows.

Furthermore, in case of catastrophic event even single users can directly benefit from worldwide donations. The startup developed the first case study with Legambiente, raising 9.5 bitcoins for young entrepreneurs affected by the last earthquake in Italy.

In November it launched the open beta of the platform during a conference in the Italian Parliament.

Satya van Heummen ( DAP architect (

Giveth is an open source, not for profit project building Donation 3.0 by enabling ‘Decentralized Altruistic Communities” come together in support of a campaign. Giveth uses the smart contract technology allowing the process of donation giving to be fully transparent and embracing social accountability.

Bas Wisselink
takes the bull by its foundational horns and focusses the shift of control over funds. What are the characteristics? Is it preferable to have them. How will consensus be reach in decision making. Will experts in the field still have efficient power over content. What will be the role of marketing efforts and - budgets be?

Santa Claus
will be there to stress that this meetup about blockchain and charity is not about fundraising in crypto currencies nor about ICO's.

He will offer the visitors a drink and a bite in the loving and warm atmosphere. He might toast on the promise of a better world using this new technology in the future.

22:00 u Closing

More info soon on the Meetup page: