Proficiency in Solidity + Intro to Cosmos Network and Stellar Payments

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Learn blockchain coding from one of the pioneers of the space, Sebastien Jehan of

In this live, 2 day, developer-led course you will:
-become proficient in coding with Solidity
-learn all that you need to code your own custom token launches
-be able to develop dApps with proficiency
-be able to code complex smart contracts for real life business purposes

AS A BONUS you will also learn the basics of two emerging protocols:
1) Cosmos - the internet of blockchains that will bring interoperability between different blockchains and tokens - definetely the future of this technology
2) Stellar - one of the most promising payment networks, supported by many big players such as IBM and Deloitte

The training is live and will take place in Amsterdam. In case you have a team that you need to train in-house, let us know and we can bring the course to you.

Places are limited to ensure personal guidance by trainer for all participants, so in case of interest, get in touch now!

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

For more details visit the website here: