Sensing nightlife for safety & Applied Machine Learning

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This evening we have:
- Tinus Kanters on Stratumseind, a street full of bars & restaurant in Eindhoven that’s also a Living Lab where sensing is tested to improve safety and livability.
- Linda Bergman Founder & Machine Learning Instructor at A.I. Cafe ( When neural networks or deep learning come in the news, it is generally about applications that involve images or videos. However, we can also apply deep learning to time series, and this of course is ideal for IoT applications. In this short lecture we will give a high level overview of deep learning for time series. And we will apply this to two different applications. -Diagnosing heart conditions using a mobile phone -Use iPhone motion sensors to detect whether the user is walking, running or sitting.

And this evening we'll have our End-of-Year drinks + a raffle (e.g. a ticket for The Things Conference:-)