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Amsterdam is getting busier and as institutions and entrepreneurs we also contribute to it. Do we have a good view of all the transport movements that our suppliers make to supply our locations? After research by Urban Logistics researchers and students, it is clear that the suppliers of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS/HvA) go as many as 70 times around the world for the delivery of goods at the UvA and AUAS locations.

In July, the UvA and the AUAS started with a couple of suppliers to deliver goods at the locations through a logistics hub on the border of the city. In this hub orders are bundled and then transported into town with clean transport. The municipality of Amsterdam also has a part of their products to be delivered via a hub.

In order to make a noticeable difference to the city of Amsterdam, it is necessary that more institutions and entrepreneurs look the same way to their own stocks and transport flows. The municipality of Amsterdam, the UvA and the AUAS have already gained some experience in the field of smart and durable supplying. We are happy to share our experiences and the pros and cons with you so that you can discover the possibilities for your organization.

Practical information
Date: Thursday 7 September
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Location: Deudekom, Industrieweg 22, 1115 AD Duivendrecht
Language of presentations: Dutch

The program
- Opening
- Presentation of the municipality of Amsterdam (by Gemeente Amsterdam)
- Presentation Deudekom (by Jan Deudekom, logistic partner)
- Presentation research program Urban Logistics, AUAS (by Susanne Balm, Researcher)
- Experience of the municipality of Amsterdam (by Department of Purchasing Gemeente Amsterdam)
- Experiences of UvA and AUAS (by Bert Zwiep, Department of Purchasing and Logistics)
- Drinks

Sign up
We cordially invite you to attend the presentation. You can register for the meeting for free via the link below. Registration can take place until Monday 4 September. We hope to see you on September 7, 2017!

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Frank van Os

At Smartmile we agree that this is the model to go! We have developed an open and shared urban delivery platform to make urban delivery more sustainable, efficient and convenient. Our platform manages the flow of goods in the city, consolidates parcel volumes through city hubs and includes and connects to the latest technlogies for transportation and delivery. We have proved this concept in Germany and are now expanding into new cities. Please check and and contact me at if you want to learn more!