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What is the future of architecture and urban planning in our hyper-digital era? The ubiquity of smart phones and the internet of everything (IoT) are producing colossal amounts of data that, when used responsibly, become blueprints of how to build sustainable and inclusive cities like Amsterdam - now home to many new ‘species’ of technology and innovation.

Join us Thursday, 14 June @9pm for a Smart City “Safari” to discover these solutions in their natural habitat and how they are making smart cities like Amsterdam more responsive and resilient. For the first time, you’ll be able to explore a whole new world along the Amsterdam Waterfront at at sunset.

I’ve teamed up with to develop a prototype AR app (Augmented Reality) to show fellow architects and urban planners some technologies that are vital to our future cities, but normally invisible to the public eye.

With your own phone you’ll be able to locate the many air & water quality sensors, citizen kits, LoRa transmitters, eBike sharing, iBeacons, Smart Waste, Blue Roofs, clean tech and many more living smart city solutions. During this 30-40 minute walk we’ll be exploring the business cases like “What problem does this device solve for the city?”, “How do these technologies impact architects and urban planners?”, “How do the citizens benefit from these solutions?”.

At 9pm we’ll meet at iAmsterdam (VVV) Visitor Centre op het Stationsplein, Amsterdam. From Central Station we’ll walk along Oosterdokskade through the Nemo alto MarineTerrein and finish w/ drinks at Pension Homeland.

Also, We’re looking for field testers! Do you have a iPhone 6+ ? you can help test the new beta version of The Smart City Safari App by replying below, or contacting me directly!

Organised by: Club-A - Amsterdams architectennetwerk Club A is een initiatief van de BNA (regio Amsterdam).
Tour by: Tom van Arman
App by: & Tapp,-smart-city-mile,-amsterdam.html


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Tom van Arman

Good catch Lotte, Yes - it's this Thursday June 14. I've just changed the banner!

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Lotte Duursma

Hi @tomvanarman The event date says June 14th, but the picture says 21st. Which one is correct?