Smart Data, Smart City #5 - Digitization in the Circular Economy Transition

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The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) wants to grow into a fully circular (wasteless) region by 2050. To become circular, we have to use our raw materials over and over again. Throwing away an item, for example in construction works, is seen as a loss of value. However, a lot of individual actors in the value chains don't feel or see this loss of value. Because of a lack of information, they often don’t know where potential reusable materials can be found. We assume that making this data available through digital solutions will give the circular transition the boost it needs.

The City of Amsterdam, on behalf of the AMA, considers to issue a competition and invites frontrunners, innovative players and visionaries to come up with ideas, a vision and a mars route to boost circular activity in the region and far beyond.

New insights, data and transparency of this data on the value of materials are key to transition into a circular economy. Join the conversation in this interactive session about the possibilities of digitization for the circular economy. Sign up here via the button!

Smart Data, Smart City event series

In the Smart City, citizens, data and technology are important enablers. That is why Amsterdam Smart City and Datalab join forces to organize six ‘Smart Data, Smart City’ events in 2017. On November 2nd 2017, it is time for number 5 in these series! This time we will also provide input for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area Circular Economy competition. This competition aims to find solutions to close resource loops in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area at a large scale through the application of digital tools & data.

On November 2, 2017 we would like to further investigate the role of data and digital applications to close (industrial) waste cycles. We would like to hear your input and use this to optimize the completion! Do you have ideas on how the digitization can play a role in the transition towards the circular economy? Come, discuss & participate!

3.45 pm – Walk in
4.00 pm – Introduction by Amsterdam Smart City & Amsterdam Economic Board
4.30 pm – Interactive panel discussion led
5.30 pm – Drinks and laughter

Location: Datalab, Weesperstraat 113, Amsterdam.
Language: English


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