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The first launching of the SMART TRAVEL event, in 2014, has contributed to bringing awareness about Tourism and Smart Destinations and Smart Cities to institutional policymakers, associations, companies, and citizens in the Northeast region of Portugal (and also in the country).

SMART TRAVEL set the international Schedule and established new borders for the future joining the dots between disconnected topics like Tourism and Smart Destinations and the remote cities, smaller and experiencing hard times retaining and attracting population, talent and investment.

The SMART TRAVEL event projected, globally, the city of Bragança as an international reference and an example of resiliency and determination in changing the increasing impoverishment of remote regions far away from the main decision centers but also with great potential (environmental, scientific, economic, natural, cultural, etc)

SMART TRAVEL gathered in the past 4 years, dozens of enthusiasts for Smart Cities and Smart Tourism coming from diverse places inside and outside Portugal. Brough some of the most relevant scholars, researchers, experts, thinkers, creators and developers of solutions, projects and case studies of successful balance between different interests within cities.