Sustainable agro production - blockchain-able?!

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Our Blockchain Lab organizes a monthly meetup about blockchain & a specific field of area. The goal of this evening is to give the participants a realistic idea of the added value of blockchain technology in the field of agriculture in what we call "developed" - and "developing" countries, How could we introduce blockchain thinking in bio-food, garments productions and evasion of illegal crops (like coca plants) in a feasible way? No hype, no wishful thinking but we explore the future foundational and disruptive changes that the technology will cause in conjunction with other developments like spread of internet, smart phones and gps. People are key to progress.

17:00hrs : (optional) Walking buffet dinner (coupon needed!)
Together with the Coffee Virus we have put together a buffet that visitors of the Meetup can enjoy together from 17:00 hrs. A coupon costs 15 Euros and will pay for your food, water, coffee and thee to go with it.
Send an e-mail to with the number of coupons you would like to buy. Please mentions if you would like to have vegetarian food.
Only if we manage to have enough subscriptions for the coupons (15 at least) we will be able to ask Coffee Virus to prepare the meal.
K-space is on the ground floor, take a right and a left from the entrance, K-space is then on your left hand.

18:00hrs : Meetup in K-space with introduction to blockchain by Bas Wisselink from Blockchain Workspace
18:45 Break
19:00 hrs José Koopman sheds a light on sustainability in this industry.
19:45 Break
20:00 hrs: What the hack can we do with blockchain in Sustainability and Agro?
20:30 End program - Drinks

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