Sustainable investment: from great idea to funded

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How do we move from great idea to great? We got funded!

For our next event, we will be looking at how to secure funding for your sustainabiliy idea, not only for entrepreneurs but also people trying to innovate within a existing business. With the help of socially responsible investment companies of our two guest speakers Maarten de Jong, Co-Founder of Oneplanetcrowd, and Ellen Spithoven, Program manager at PIM (investment readiness program),

Our two speakers will share real-life client cases that prove even the craziest of ideas can get the finance they need to achieve their sustainable goals. We will learn how these two companies both seek out alternative means of funding for businesses through crowdfunding platforms and by partnering with allies to tackle a variety of social issues.

After the two talks, we will have an interactive session to compete for precious funds using crowdfunding techniques. What business idea will capture the hearts (and wallets) of our investors? As always there will be plenty of time to meet like-minded professionals.
See you at GreenBuzz!