The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Urbanisation Forum

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Urbanisation Forum will be addressing the challenge of growing cities. A collaboration between the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Sweden.

The Urbanisation Forum is a new series of forums aimed at businesspeople, politicians and other influential individuals who wish to share experiences, supply information on their respective areas and bring about high value networking. The theme has a specific focus on the global challenge as a direct result of the physical growth of cities.

More than half of the world’s population are living in urban areas and cities are set to be the future global economic engines. As the urban areas are rapidly expanding, there are several crucial challenges that must be addressed, creating a huge demand for energy solutions and infrastructure that will connect the city and make it more inclusive and sustainable. With our first Urbanisation Forum The Swedish Chamber of Commerce aims to discuss these issues and explore the challenges of today as well as the challenges of the future. With insights from SWECO and other experts, we will explore questions such as linking urbanisation with the latest innovations and technology.

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