Think Future Today #5: The implications of AI-driven learning

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AI holds a big potential in learning and development: global classrooms, adaptive learning, personalized tutoring to name a few. From the other side, the use of AI technology for learning raises lots of question, concerns and ethical dilemma’s.

What constant monitoring, analysing and feeding ‘right’ information will do the development of the individual? What will be the role of educators, if we rely more on machines as educational resources than on teachers? How can we avoid technology addiction and obsession?

In this session, we will talk about the questions we need to ask today about the implications of moving to AI driven learning.

Our learning initiative Think Future Today is the result of many conversations we have when talking about preparing for the future. Every time we hear different questions, concerns, ethical dilemmas and challenges the advancement of technology and AI brings. We decided to create a space to explore them and develop the future literacy skills. We want to challenge preconceptions, uncover different perspectives and implications of using technology and AI in various areas of our life. We invite you to join the discussion and learning on subjects that are highly relevant for our future. In the end, we want to THINK TODAY what FUTURE we want to be part of tomorrow.

This event is free of charge, but we have a limited capacity, so please register ONLY if you are SURE you will be joining. We close the registration as we reach the maximum capacity.

Interested to talk about AI driven education? Join us!