Urban object detection and Urban Air Mobility @SensemakersAMS

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Every 3th Wednesday of the month Sensemakers has presentations & discussions about IoT-related subjects.
This evening we have:

Urban Object Detection - Maarten Sukel
Maarten is Lead AI developer at the City of Amsterdamand will share the latest development in using object detection on real-time street level imagery to find issues on city streets, for example garbage, graffiti and broken assets, to allow for an objective gathering of data. Edge computing will help to safeguard privacy of the citizens while still optimizing the livability. Lead AI developer @ City of Amsterdam)

Drones & autonomous vehicles
Jeroen Bartelse, Insuring the 21st century @ Achmea | Business Innovation | EIT Urban Mobility | Amsterdam Drone Week | UAM

You will receive the event-link (Zoom) one day before the event. Presentations usually start at 19.05h & end around 20.30 with "open mic" when you can share your own story/event/question.

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