10 years of innovation, urban development, collaborations. 10 years Amsterdam Smart City

This year Amsterdam Smart City celebrates its ten year anniversary. In 10 years, the world changed enormously. Just as Amsterdam Smart City. What started as a collaboration between two parties, testing energy devices with citizens, getting a subsidy from the European Union, transformed into a public-private partnership of 19 partners (and counting!) and an ever-increasing community collaborating on major social transitions. What remained the same, is the DNA. Creating better streets, neighbourhoods and cities for all!

In 2009, Amsterdam Smart City started as a joint initiative of the Amsterdam Innovation Motor and Alliander, the grid operator. Together they wanted to prepare Amsterdam for the future and started various energy projects in Amsterdam, in which residents always had a central role. Two of the key projects of that time were the Climate Street and Buurzaam Wonen. Smart Projects that will change the world!

‘’Many grid operators at that time had no contact at all with their clients. On the contrary, we got instructions how to avoid contact with citizens. Amsterdam Smart City was very remarkable, because in this program, we did get in touch with citizens. For us, this was the first time!’’ – Pallas Agterberg, strategy director at Alliander and initiator of Amsterdam Smart City.

Amsterdam Smart City experimented, tested and learned that it is better to innovate with residents than innovate for residents. Boosting projects was the real strength of Amsterdam Smart City. The scope expanded from energy alone to energy and digital, more partners joined the program and new projects arrived... Together towards a smart city!

Amsterdam Smart City promoted projects and expanded its network. We built an ever-increasing network of professionals, innovators and other interested parties. More themes played a role. Amsterdam Smart City connected ecosystems, strengthened partnerships and accelerated innovations. By connecting people we could make more impact. The innovation platform for a futureproof city!

"With incredible optimism we try to bypass the cliffs with open eyes and try to be smarter than that. Smart innovations create important solutions, but we must be aware that smart solutions contain problems themselves. We are not naive. We don't make a smart city, not a scary city, but a wise and nice region. Looking forward to the next ten years!" - Leonie van den Beuken, program director Amsterdam Smart City

10 years have passed. The world changed enormously, Amsterdam Smart City changed along with it. The challenges are not decreasing, but increasing and approaching faster. Everything is connected. With even more (19) partners we are tackling major social issues in which people play the central role. We are optimistic about collaboration in the future, but we must remain vigilant. Putting public values at the center is essential for innovation.

Towards better streets, neighbourhoods and cities and a bright future for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area!

This whole story, including projects, highlights and funny moments was shown during the 10 year anniversary party on the 13th of February in Amsterdam. Take a look at the Prezi and find out who contributed to this program. The Prezi presentation is in Dutch.

Thanks to Waag Smart Citizens Lab, Bibi Veth, Dorien Zandbergen en Sara Blom, Smart City. Op zoek naar de slimme burger (2015), CC BY-ND 4.0, Zoncoalitie & Nemo for the footage.