Amsterdam Smart City partners at Smart City Expo Barcelona - part 2: CTO & Eurofiber

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Next week the Amsterdam Smart City team travels, together with a couple of our program partners, to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. This is THE leading event for cities in the world. Main goal of the event is to empower cities and collectivize urban innovation across the globe. We asked our partners why they will join the Dutch innovation mission to Barcelona. In this article Lizann Tjon (City of Amsterdam) and Vincent van Mierlo (Eurofiber) tell you about their visit!

Lizann Tjon - Smart Mobility Manager, CTO Innovation Team, City of Amsterdam

The CTO office of the Municipality of Amsterdam collaborates with all departments from the municipality, citizens knowledge institutes and companies to make innovation happen in the city. We work on themes such as e-health, circular economy, smart mobility, sharing economy, cooperation with start-ups and innovative procurement.

What is your vision of a smart city?

A smart city for me, means collaborating with partners on different levels and stimulate innovations. And be bold to get something done!

What would you like to showcase in Barcelona?

Amsterdam wants to be a leader in smart mobilty and work on the city that we want to be. For us, it’s a bigger ecosystem. That bigger ecosystem encompasses everything that moves, from cars, bicycles and public transport to commuters, tourists and concertgoers. Via the Program Smart Mobility we work on different projects, for example on a mobility platform to get insights in data of pedestrians, bikes, cars, public transport, strategic planning on mobility hubs and infrastructure and interaction with autonomous vehicles and citizens and research and challenges with the EIT Urban mobility consortium.

What is your reason to join the Smart City Expo in Barcelona?

In Barcelona we would like to discuss the latest projects and strengthen partnerships with other cities, companies and other organizations.

Vincent van Mierlo - Strategic Account manager, Eurofiber

Could you tell us a little bit more about Eurofiber?

Eurofiber is a fast-growing provider of industry leading digital infrastructure. We provide cities/regions with future proof infrastructure which forms the basis for smart grids and which enables the solutions for a better world and climate.

What are important elements of a smart city and how does Eurofiber contribute to this?

Our vision is of a smart city revolves around an open network infrastructure, allowing everyone the freedom to choose services, applications and providers as their own needs evolve. Our infrastructure provides the basis for a smarter and more efficient deployment of resources, enabled by a permanent exchange and the unlimited availability of data.

What is your reason to join the Smart City Expo in Barcelona?

We are looking for meetings in which we can exchange knowledge and discuss how we can evolve to the new world. We would like to learn how current ecoystems operate so we can make a next step in providing the right infrastructure. We do have the network in the ground, how can other initiatives use this fiber and are new rules and regulations needed?

At the Smart City Expo Barcelona, you can find The City of Amsterdam, Eurofiber, Amsterdam Smart City and other Dutchies a lot at the Dutch Pavilion. Street D, Stand 473.

Do we see you there?