Beyond Green - 5 Steps to circularity in textiles – Amsterdam, 20 Oct 2017

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The 2017 edition of Beyond Green cuts through the noise, the pledges and the ambitions — in short, the long-standing blah blah surrounding sustainability in the fashion industry, and moves straight to practice. We will take students and industry on a 5-step journey into circularity and introduce you to the latest tools, innovations, and know-how that you need to challenge the status quo.

Title: Beyond the Blah Blah: 5 Steps to circularity – Beyond Green 2017
Location: HEMA Atrium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date: 20, October, 2017
While the ‘why’ of circularity is generally understood, the ‘how’ remains largely unanswered.

Beyond Green is all about two things; inspiration and action

Inspiration: Hear from the circular innovators, trailblazers and business mavericks who are redesigning the future of fashion. Each speaker will give their unique insight into one of our 5 steps.
Action: Put your heads together with fellow experts, brands, and the next generation of fashion professionals to hack and solve the challenges that brands put forward.

Beyond Green is an annual symposium that uses the collective power of students and industry to design the future of fashion and tackle critical issues throughout the fashion system. It started in 2005 at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and since 2016 has been a collaborative initiative between Circle Economy and AMFI.