Bottom-update March

Every month a bottom-update will be given with positive news of bottom-up initiatives

Every month a bottom-update will be given. On the grassroots level a lot of innovation is happening. All positive new scan be shared with this update. If you have a news item you can email it to <>. The deadline for the next update is the 5th of April.

1000th match at BUUV

the 21st of January BUUV, Amsterdam Zuid, had their 1000th match. We were watching the numbers for quite a while. The number 1000 was getting closer and closer. On the 21st of January Wanda responded to Peggy’s request and that was it! The 1000th match between residents of Amsterdam Zuid. BUUV is a neighbourhood website where you can request and offer help. It focuses on small requests from mainly elderly. Besides the website there is a helpdesk of volunteers which is attainable by phone.

Amsterdamse Zoncoalitie is launched

It is official! The Amsterdamse Zoncoalitie has started. The Zoncoalitie is a collaboration of the municipal government, various corporation and energy cooperatives. These organisations aim at the goal. 1 million solar panels in Amsterdam: Alliander, Amsterdam Energie, Amsterdam Smart City, Energiecoöperatie Zuiderlicht, EXE, Gemeente Amsterdam, GWL Ecostroom Coöperatie, Klomp BV, LENS, NDSM Energie, Qurrent, Sungevity, UvA/TNO, Van de Bron, 3XL,, Zon op Nederland, Zon en Co, Zonnefabriek.

Sowing day at PlantageLAB

After a period of preparation, it will happen: the first seeds will be planted! This Saturday at 12:00 everyone is welcome to join putting the seeds in the soil. PlantageLAB is an urban farming project that likes to experiment.

Green Student Bootcamp starts 18th of March

The first Green Student Bootcamp will start the 18th of March at the Green Living Lab. With workshops and reading the students will be challenged to make choices for a healthy lifestyle. Check the Facebook page for more information.

Knowledge Mile Morning Meetup, 15th of March

The Knowledge Mile connects the knowledge, creativity and technology of tomorrow with the urban challenges of today in the area Weesperstraat - Wibautstraat. At the Knowledge Mile Morning Meetup, you get to meet people and organisations with innovative ideas. They are active at the Nieuwmarkt in the area of the Amstel. The next meetup is on March 15.

Lucas Community sets up a ‘buurtenergiewinkel’

Lucas Community in Osdorp is setting up a ‘buurtenergiewinkel’, an exposition with smart energy solutions. In this expositions neighbours can get information on energy saving and energy production. Besides the exposition there will be meetings for neighbours to learn from experts and to get cooperative in energy saving and producing. Lucas Community still has space to show smart solutions. If you have a product, prototype or information flyer you can show it in the buurtenergiewinkel.