City governance Amsterdam: room for improvement

In the conference 'Next generation cities' past June in Amsterdam, many references were made to (smart) city governance. A few days afterwards, I read the report Top 50 of Smart City Governance published by the Eden Institute. After having read this report, I wrote a blogpost about city governance, which you will find below.

Although I am extremely sceptical about rankings of any kind, some outcomes are food for thought for everybody who is involved in the governance of Amsterdam (having an overall score of 13).

Amsterdam competes with the highest scoring cities with regards to financial incentives of smart city initiatives (4), outnumbering overall highly rating cities like Seoul, Barcelona and Helsinki. However, Amsterdam – together with Shenzhen and Chicago – is scoring low (1) with regards to the degree smart city initiatives are supported. With regards to people-centricity, Seoul and Melbourne excel (4), Barcelona, Helsinki and Copenhagen follow (3) outnumbering Amsterdam (2).

In the above mentioned blogpost I explain why I am not surprised totally about this outcomes.

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Julio Urdangarin's picture
Julio Urdangarin

The city of Rio de Janeiro is the only city in Brazil and latin america in the ranking. For us it is a source of pride and despite all our problems, we have been able to stand out with consolidated solutions such as the Operations Center and Central 1746, which have appropriated technology to provide a quality service to the citizen.
Congratulations on the article and that more and more cities can exchange experiences for a better and fairer future for all.