Google: At first it created the map, later the car, then the city came and at last....

Earlier I mentioned Google's eagerness to be involved in development of smart cities ( Faster than I expected Google's sister Sidewalk Labs won an open call for a proposal for the redevelopment of parts of the waterfront of Toronto. Behind the link below, you will find a short article that I wrote about the plans. I did not try to suppress my consent. The plans promise to be citizen-centred and prove that the development of smart cities has gone beyond the application of high tech gadgets alone.
So, read the article and if your appetite is sparked, take note of Sidewalk's bidbook, a document that is very informative for everybody interested in smart cities.

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Herman, thanks a lot for your article and sharing this info. Very interesting to see google complete plan/vision. Will try to find time to watch the press conference :=)