How was the renovation? Tell us!

As part of the European subsidized City-zen project, it is important to learn about the impact of home renovations on energy saving and behavioural change. To learn from YOUR experiences with the renovations, we ask you to complete the online questionnaire. This questionnaire is part of the research that TU Delft is doing on what makes renovations a success or not. The results will only be used for City-zen reports and scientific publications.

Below you will find the link to this online City-zen questionnaire, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Your cooperation is very important for future renovation projects. We hope you will also participate!

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Hi Nancy, alle input is (nog steeds) welkom! En deelname aan City-zen is niet van belang, het gaat er juist om dat er een zo compleet mogelijk beeld wordt gevormd van de factoren die meespelen in een succesvolle renovatie.

Nancy Zikken's picture
Nancy Zikken

Hi Dylan, is het nog mogelijk om hierop te reageren? En moet je meegedaan hebben met City-zen om te reageren?


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